What is the best benefit a Paladin Tank brings to a group?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Growing up as a Paladin

I decided to be a tank because I wanted a different experience. My previous 2 characters were DPS (Hunter/Mage). Leveling solo was a bit tedious since I hadn't gotten the hang of multiple target AOE attacks until later in my pally life. I really did enjoy the lower level dungeons and grouping for them.

Most of my groups included Hellzfire and Nanasdead, so it was easier to get a whole group because we already had the core (Healer, Tank and Dps). Especially fun was Mara. Although quite extensive and frustrating at times, the quests and beautiful scenery made it very rewarding.

When we hit lvl 58 and ventured to Outland, we flourished in the experience and reward rich quests of Hellfire. It was there that I got my first real tests as a tank-going through Ramparts and Blood Furnace.

Originally, I was inspired to create a paladin tank because of the play of Arizanti, an awe inspiring tank. Gotta love those 45 min Shattered Halls runs! I got a lot of advice and encouragement from him.

Currently, Hellzfire, Nanasdead and I are venturing into Karazhan and mastering heroic 5-man dungeons. My killer and healer both have been a little more lucky in getting some epic drops than I have, but I am diligently building my armory. They have also been working hard in tailoring a lot of their own epic items.

I finally reached Uncrushable after being Uncrittable for a while. The Devilshark cape eluded me for quite some time. It helped me get over the crushing blows milestone. Thanks Lord Kalithresh! Now, I am working on getting exalted rep from Shatar for the shield. Also in my progression are more heroic badges and Kara. I have an eratic work schedule, so I rarely see the whole of the instance. I have been through Shade and have to say that Kara is fun. The variety of encounters and undead killing power that I have make it very exciting.

As of today, I have tanked all 5 mans, heroic Ramp, SP, Mech, Bot, Seth Halls and Attumen/Kara trash. Most of the other heroics I haven't attempted yet, but with the added rewards of the daily heroic quest, I probably will.

My current goal is to main tank all of Kara with Nanasdead healing and Hellzfire killin. They already have the ability to do so. I think we just need to get together and do it.

Wish me luck!

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