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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A paladin, warlock, and priest...

A year ago when TBC released, two real life friends and I began a journey to conquer the world of warcraft. I chose to play a Blood Elf paladin and they chose a warlock and priest. My best friend chose the incredibly powerful warlock class and named her Hellzfire. I am Damnazion the shield of the group, Hellzfire is the destroyer, and Nanasdead is the undead priest that makes us whole again.

It took us quite a while to reach level 70 because we play other characters, but recently we have chosen these 3 as our mains and are working hard to improve our gear and skill to conquer Kara and beyond.

This journal will mostly be of my own experiences with spice thrown in from Hellzfire and Nanasdead.


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