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Monday, January 21, 2008

Karazhan update

I am currently offtanking for one of our guild's kara groups. Our group seems to be stalled out a little. We can consistently down all bosses but Prince, Nightbane, and Netherspite.

This week was our first shot at Prince and on one try we had him to 9%. So close! A lot of our trouble was getting used to the event and bad luck with the infernal drops.

We are progressing as a group because of individual improvements and better knowledge/experience. This leads me to believe that we will eventually master the castle.

Also, we are mixing up our groups. The other raid group is a little more advanced and better geared. Interchanging a few players will balance out the two groups and help our overall progress.

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Swanglang said...

Hey guys! I hope you remember me, in the LLANE server on WOW... undead rogue, how are you guys? I plan to come back, school was being harsh, sorry I couldn't formally say goodbye, my credit card account got cancelled right away lol.