What is the best benefit a Paladin Tank brings to a group?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Karazhan Progress...slow but sure

This past week I off tanked Kara through Nightbane and even main tanked Curator. I had a lot of fun but have little luck with tanking drops. Our mt is pretty decked out, so if a tank item does drop, I will most likely get it.

One funny mistake (funny because it didn't cause a wipe) was during my tanking of curator. Apparently, right before I pulled, one of the other pallies gave me Salvation (30% less threat). Looking back, I am surprised that I held aggro. Our main tank stacked his arc resist gear and was second in threat to absorb the arcane attacks. He stole aggro a couple of times, but I eventually got it back. Sorry Aus! It was a fun encounter though. My tier 4 shoulders dropped, but went to a Healadin, grats.

Although my pride doesn't want to admit it, it will be benefitial to accrue some good DPS gear and even HEALING gear. This will make me even more marketable. When the instance calls for a certain assistance in one of those areas, I won't be a detriment to the team. Right now, I have 1000+ healing in my healing gear. I really don't know what exactly to look for in a dps set besides +spell. Any comments on that would be appreciated.

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NarfJones said...

Since the changes in Ret, +SD does you no good. You want to go for +crit rating and +Attack power. +Strength is a nice bonus, but not over the other stats. If you are going to be DPSing as Prot, then, yes, get as much SD as possible and judge SoR every cooldown.